Marion Williams


Produced and Directed by
Kathryn Golden & Ashley James


PACKIN’ UP, is an soul-stirring documentary film about gospel diva, Marion Williams, one of the greatest musical voices of the twentieth century.

Williams was a child prodigy in her hometown of Miami, Florida, became the queen of Philadelphia’s gospel world and an international star acclaimed by critics throughout he world. By the time of her death in 1994 she had received the MacArthur Foundation  “Genius” award and was a Kennedy Center honoree.

Featuring rare performances, interviews and backstage rehearsals with some of the greatest legends of the gospel world including Willa Ward, Margaret Allison and Frances Steadman among others.


Jon Parales – New York Times

“If you’ve never heard Marion Williams sing, most likely the sheer drama of her vocal style will touch you first. The fact that Williams could hit the highest notes and then suddenly drop two octaves or intonate with strains of deep blues or turn her voice into a wildly improvi-sational instrument the way Louis Armstrong did with his trumpet all added up to an intensely dramatic redemption of spirit and soul.”

Robert Santelli – Gadfly

“ONE WILL COME AWAY from her recordings believing she was nothing less than THE GREATEST SINGER EVER!”

David Magee – Rolling Stone Album Guide

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