Produced and Directed by Ashley James


Art in motion is celebrated in this 30-minute film portrait of the great kinetic sculptor, Jerome Kirk.

Initially influenced by Alexander Calder, David Smith and Harry Bertoia, Kirk’s work transcends those masters and sets entirely new standards in kinetic sculpture.  The film documents Kirk’s work, his artistic process and captures more than sixty of his works while chronicling the passion and commitment that can follow one artist throughout a lifetime.

“HYPNOTIC… To properly describe Jerome Kirk kinetic sculpture to someone who has not seen them in motion would take the combined abilities of a major poet, a mystic, a mechanical engineer and an art critic.”  

Tally Richards – Southwest Art Gallery Magazine

“Jerome Kirk reminds us that he is a master of a genre developed by such artists as Alexander Calder and George Rickey.   His art lies in the skillful orchestration of forms in motion and in managing technology so well that it seems to disappear.”

Suzanne Mechanic – Los Angeles Times

“Kirk’s superb sculpture has given us a new concept of the uses of space. No matter how small or large the piece, it alters the environment in which it exists.”

Leonard Randolph – National Endowment for the Arts

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