Kathryn Golden


Kathryn Golden Portrait


Kathryn Golden, Producer/Director/Editor holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in filmmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute and is a founding partner of Searchlight Films.  Ms. Golden has written, directed and edited many award-winning films including: has produced award-winning films including:

Producer/Director Zenju’s Path (BOS/PBS, Netherlands) commissioned documentary about the first female African-American Buddhist priests calling others to Zen with her drum; Producer/Director Moments of Illumination Lawrence Jordan (BOS/PBS, Netherlands) commissioned documentary of the Bay Area animator/founder of avant-garde cinema in America; Producer/Director/Editor, Across Time and Space German co-production broadcast documentary about the Bondy family surviving Nazi Germany to preserve their pioneering educational ideas in America; Producer/Editor And Still We Dance, (PBS) a one hour portrait of the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival; Producer/Editor, Kitka & Davka in Concert (PBS); Producer/Director/Editor, American Treasure – The Folk Art of Joaquim Miguel Almeida New England regional PBS. Awards include, National Endowment For The Arts production grants, National Black Programming Consortium; the Polaroid Foundation; Massachusetts and Connecticut State Humanities grants, San Francisco Grants for The Arts, the San Francisco Advertising Club’s Awards of Excellence and an Isadora Duncan Award (IZZY).

Kathryn Golden is currently Director/Producer/Editor of Santos – Skin to Skin a film portrait of seven-time Grammy nominee, master Latin Jazz percussionist and art activist, John Santos. An urban legend, acknowledged as “keeper of the Afro-Caribbean flame” Santos creates and uses music to navigate the politics of culture, migration, and his Puerto Rican heritage. Featuring appearances with a cadre of international jazz artists.


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